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Legal Affairs Department

Published: 2017-12-29
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The Corporate Legal Affairs Department’s precursor was the Corporate Securities Department, which was one of the earliest departments established by Zhuojian. In 2017, Zhuojian carried out a large departmental system reform, consolidating resources and established the Corporate Legal Affairs Department. Corporate legal business stands as one of the core businesses of Zhuojian, and the Corporate Legal Affairs Department is also the largest department of Zhuojian, housing 16 professional teams under the department with over 100 practitioners. Our primary services cover the following legal service areas:

I. Annual legal counseling services

We deliver permanent legal counseling services to a diverse range of enterprises encompassing small, medium, and large enterprises, including listed companies, large enterprises, New Third Board listed enterprises, high-tech enterprises, small and medium-sized enterprises, and creative enterprises.

II. Capital Market Specialized Services

Specifically involves services such as initial public offering and listings (IPO), non-public offerings (directed offerings) of listed companies, major asset reorganization of listed companies, acquisition of listed companies, listing on the New Third Board (NTSB), non-public offerings (directed offerings) of NTSB companies, mergers and acquisitions of NTSB companies, mergers and acquisitions of listed companies, mergers and acquisitions of NTSB companies, witnessing of shareholders’ general meetings, issuance of non-financial debt financing instruments, issuance of medium-term notes, issuance of corporate bonds, issuance of asset-backed securities.

III. Specialized business for various companies

Specifically, this includes company establishment, company change, company reorganization, company deadlock resolution, enterprise shareholding system transformation, acting as independent (external) directors, supervisors, personalized design of the company's articles of incorporation, design of the company's internal control system, the company's operating mechanism reengineering, enterprise mergers and acquisitions, project supervision, enterprise trusteeship, property rights of state-owned enterprises, state-owned enterprise restructuring, equity structure design, equity incentives, equity transfers, equity distribution, and equity financing.

IV. Company bankruptcy liquidation and reorganization business

Specifically including application for bankruptcy and liquidation, application for compulsory liquidation, application for self-liquidation, acting as bankruptcy administrator, company bankruptcy and reorganization, and debt collection in enterprise liquidation.

V. All kinds of litigation and arbitration involving the company.

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