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Criminal Legal Affairs Department

Published: 2017-12-29
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Criminal Legal Affairs Department, vigorously implementing the “team, specialization, process” approach to case background handling, consists of nearly twenty experienced, business-savvy, responsible, full of rich feelings of professional criminal defense lawyers. The members include: excellent lawyers with past experience as public prosecutors and lawyers, senior lawyers with a track record in major and complex cases, and a group of key lawyers who graduated from China's top-ranking universities.

Zhuojian's Criminal Law Department specializes in criminal defense and criminal risk prevention and control. Specific practice areas include:

Criminal defense for suspects (defendants)

Representation of victims in criminal proceedings

Criminal collateral civil litigation

Criminal settlement representation

Property handling in criminal cases

Analysis and representation of criminal reports

Application for state compensation for criminal suspects (defendants)

Expert testimony in criminal law

Representation of clients in prosecution

Criminal legal risk counseling service

Criminal meeting

Defense of death penalty review

In addition, three major legal service products for preventing and resolving criminal risks of entrepreneurs have been developed and launched in response to the needs of the majority of enterprises. Including:

  1. Special consultancy service for criminal compliance review in five segments and 23 steps to sort out the whole process of enterprise operation and management. This aims to eliminate hidden criminal legal risks for the enterprise, its shareholders, and executives from the source.

  2. Special counseling for entrepreneurs involved in criminal legal risk emergencies, offering one-on-one simulated communication of the key points of criminal filing and the entire process of criminal proceedings. This prepares entrepreneurs to face the process of criminal prosecution lawfully and rationally after being formally brought to court.

  3. Proactive measures against malpractice for the staff suspected of job misappropriation and violation of company trade secrets.

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