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Intellectual Property Legal Affairs Department

Published: 2017-12-29
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Established in 2009, the Intellectual Property Department of Guangdong Zhuojian Law Firm specializes in intellectual property litigation and non-litigation legal affairs, representing a traditional and advantageous business department. As of July 2018, the number of intellectual property litigation cases undertaken by Zhuojian has exceeded 4,000. The cases undertaken have won: 50 classic cases of judicial protection of intellectual property rights in Chinese courts in 2011, typical cases of intellectual property rights in national courts by Intellectual Property Magazine in 2015, Guangdong Courts' Classic Cases of Intellectual Property Rights (Volume 2010-2015), and 50 classic cases of intellectual property rights trial in Chinese courts in 2016. The Intellectual Property Department has nearly 30 members including partners, practicing lawyers, salaried lawyers and assistants, all of whom have rich legal practice experience, superior legal practice skills, and a strong teamwork spirit. The department focuses on the following legal service areas:

(I) Specialized legal services

Patent/trademark/copyright application (filing) representation

Patent/trademark/copyright non-infringement analysis legal opinions

Legal risk assessment report of intellectual property rights for product listing

Diagnosis and rectification of trademark/patent/copyright/unfair competition risks for SMEs

Diagnosis and Rectification of IPR Risks for Enterprises to be Listed (Financing)

Intellectual property layout and management structure construction for start-up enterprises

M&A (reorganization) IP-related special investigation and transaction plan design

Investigation and assessment of intellectual property rights of target enterprises (competitors)

IP-related special investigation and investment program design for investment in shares

Intellectual property government funding information service and funding program design and counseling

Intellectual property pledge financing consulting services

(II) Intellectual Property Dispute Resolution

Litigation of intellectual property infringement disputes

Intellectual Property License Disputes

Litigation of IP ownership disputes

Administrative Litigation on IP Rights Licensing

Intellectual Property Network Infringement Dispute Resolution

Intellectual Property Criminal Offense Representation and Defense

Intellectual Property Rights Administrative Investigation and Disposition

Intellectual Property Rights Customs Protection Agency

Domain Name Dispute Resolution

Representation in administrative procedures such as reply and invalidation of intellectual property rights

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