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Labor and personnel legal affairs department

Published: 2017-12-29
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Guangdong Zhuojian Law Firm labor and personnel legal affairs department operates within the framework of Zhuojian’s unified implementation of the 'specialization' model for lawyers’ teams. Comprising more than ten experienced professional labor lawyers, including those serving as the deputy director of the Shenzhen Lawyer Association Labor Committee, members of the former Shenzhen Labor and Personnel Dispute Arbitration Commission as full-time arbitrators, and other outstanding lawyers. The department of lawyers have handled numerous major and complex labor dispute cases, have provided professional labor law services for many well-known enterprises and institutions. The team is adept at integrating the latest legal policies to offer enterprises efficient, timely information, and legal risk advice.

Zhuojian’s Labor and Personnel Legal Affairs Department can provide the following specialized legal services to meet the needs of enterprises, including but not limited to:

(1) The overall strategy and planning of labor and employment of enterprises;

(2) Employee resettlement program for enterprise's 'closure, suspension, merger, transfer and relocation';

(3) Economic layoff program for enterprises;

(4) Specialized legal services for enterprise social security cost and risk control;

(5) Dispute resolution of labor disputes in enterprises.

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