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Legal Affairs Department of Marriage, Family and Wealth Inheritance

Published: 2023-11-17
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The Marriage, Family and Wealth Inheritance Legal Affairs Department at Zhuojian is established by merging the Marriage and Family Department and the Wealth Inheritance Legal Affairs Department at Zhuojian; this department is one of the core business departments at Zhuojian. We are also the partner of China Wills Bank in Shenzhen. At present, Zhuojian Marriage and Family and Wealth Inheritance Legal Affairs Department has nearly 10 professional lawyers with rich practical experience in handling divorce, inheritance and wealth inheritance, and the department's lawyers have also handled the first intentional guardianship case in Shenzhen. Legal services provided by Marriage, Family and Wealth Inheritance department include but are not limited to:

Marriage and family affairs

Premarital due diligence

Prenuptial property agreement

Marital property agreement

Divorce by agreement

Divorce litigation (including foreign-related)

Post-Divorce Property Disputes

Domestic Violence Relief

Witnessing the making of wills


Recognition of Foreign Divorce Judgments in Divorce Cases

Wealth Protection and Inheritance

High-end Will Systematization Service

Wealth protection and inheritance systematic service

Specialized services for life insurance and family trust

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