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Dispute Resolution Department

Published: 2023-11-17
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Our Dispute Resolution Department brings together a large number of lawyers who are highly skilled and experienced in litigation services, and are capable of handling all stages of litigation and arbitration. For litigation cases, we have formulated a complete legal service process and supervision mechanism; for major and difficult cases, we have established a mechanism for discussing major and difficult cases, so as to designate the most suitable solutions for our clients; for special cases in specific fields, we will discuss with various professional organizations and expert pools to determine the best solutions, and strive to maximize the protection of our clients' interests through various channels and resource integration. We strive to maximize the protection of our clients' interests through various means and resource integration. The legal services provided by the Dispute Resolution Department include but are not limited to:

Representation in various civil and commercial litigation cases

Representation in various commercial arbitration cases

Representation in various administrative litigation cases

Representation in labor arbitration cases

Representation in enforcement cases

Mediation in litigation

Criminal interviews

Criminal defense for suspects (defendants)

Representation of victims in criminal proceedings

Representation in criminal private prosecution cases

Representation of victims in criminal private prosecution cases

Representation of clients in criminal prosecution

Defense of death penalty review

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