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Zhuo Jian, founded in 2007, has grown to a leading firm in Shenzhen with over 200 licensed lawyers, as well as over 150 paralegals and admins. Zhuo Jian, which in Chinese “卓建” means prominence and productivity, has always been our commitment to provide legal services of high quality and effectiveness to our valuable clients.


We are proud to provide a wide range of service tailored to our clients’ needs. Our service covers areas including but not limited to M&A, international trade, general corporate, banking, investment, bankruptcy and reorganization, tax, dispute resolution, non-performing assets, intellectual property right, financing guarantee, securitization, LBOs, compliance, labor, marriage and family, and crime. In the past ten years we have achieved significant outcomes and earned a reputation for our provision of professional, excellent and efficient service. Zhuo Jian was honorably awarded as the “National Outstanding Law Firm” by All China Lawyers Association in 2016 and nominated as the Rising Law Firm of the Year and South China Law Firm of the Year by Asia Legal Business in 2017.


Most of our lawyers are graduates from prestigious law schools in China and abroad, and have extensive working experience from their previous jobs in courts, public prosecutions offices and multinational companies etc. and from their practices.   


Practice Areas:

Dispute Resolution, Arbitration & Litigation

²  Civil Litigation

²  Criminal Litigation

²  Administrative Litigation

²  Dispute Resolution and Arbitration

Non-litigation Areas

²  General Corporate

²  Investment (including FDI, ODI)

²  Financing & Insurance

²  Intellectual Property

²  Real Estate & Construction

²  Project Financing and Financing Guarantee

²  Employment & Labour

²  Corporate Governance and Compliance

²  Merger & Acquisition

²  Establishment and Management of Private Equity Fund

²  Marriage and Family

²  Wealth Protection and Succession

²  Customs

²  Tax

²  Bankruptcy, Liquidation and Reorganization


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